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The Rubicon Project Hits the Ground Sprinting and Delivers A

  LOS ANGELES, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- the Rubicon Project, a company with a mission to automate the large, yet highly inefficient Internet advertising industry, releases initial results. On October 8, the company launched its service in private beta. By the end of October, more than 1,100 websites signed up, representing over 5 billion monthly impressions. During the first three weeks, more than 500,000,000 ads were served for sites such as AOL/Userplane, and Beliefnet, resulting in revenue increases for all website publishers ranging from 33-300%.

"Wow! I knew we would deliver, but I didn''t expect the results to be this good, this fast. I''m proud of the team, as our smart technology powered by A++ people is driving real results for websites," said Frank Addante, CEO and Founder. "The jump in revenue is a direct result of helping ad networks convert more effectively by supplying them with the right inventory, creating a win-win relationship between ad networks and websites."

The quality and quantity of websites continuing to express interest remains strong, confirming a deep industry desire for an easy automated solution for optimizing ad space. As a result, the beta sign-up period, originally planned to end November 16, will be extended indefinitely. In response to the overwhelming demand, the company has been quickly ramping its team to accommodate all website sign-ups. To request an invitation visit:

About the Rubicon Project

the Rubicon Project is a group of industry-experienced, aggressive and passionate renegades dedicated to bringing a new level of efficiency to the fragmented Internet advertising space. The founders of the Rubicon Project shook up the online advertising industry in 1998 when they created L90/adMonitor, one of the most successful Internet advertising platforms that served over 3,000 of the web''s most recognized sites, reaching 65% of the Internet population before DoubleClick acquired it.

$27 Billion was spent advertising online in 2007, yet it''s still too hard for websites to sell their ad space online. While Internet advertising is an explosive market, it is an incredibly inefficient one with advertisers spending money with 300+ disparate advertising networks worldwide (e.g. Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Tacoda, HispanoClick and Adtegrity). the Rubicon Project''s web-based, self-serve solution gives any size website the most complete access to the total available advertising market and its smart matching technology does all the work to perfectly match each ad impression with the optimal money-making opportunity. the Rubicon Project is the new online advertising standard that makes it effortless for websites to generate the mad cash they''ve always dreamed of. And, it''s free to join. Websites looking to make more money while doing less work should visit:

Read Frank''s blog at:

Source: the Rubicon Project

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